Immortalize your beloved pet forever.

A Custom Hand Painted Pet Portrait by Michael Spano is a wonderful keepsake to treasure for a lifetime!

Our pets are such a treasure to us; they are a special part of our family. They provide us with the unconditional love and companionship that only our beloved animal can give us. Their loyal, loving, and forgiving nature, truly gives them a special place in our hearts.

Some of our most precious memories are those of the wonderful times we have lived and shared with our pets. Remembering a favorite moment or cute expression, brings us closer to them, and helps to keep them with us even after they have passed on.

Hand Painted Pets by Michael Spano are a wonderful way to remember your favorite animal. Capture the beauty, character, and unique personality of your special companion, with a piece of art that is an exact likeness of them.   These true to life paintings create a lasting memory that will keep your companion with you for a lifetime. A beautifully painted portrait of your cherished pet is a wonderful life long keepsake, and makes a thoughtful and unique gift for someone special in your life.

Using your photo(s) as reference, Michael Spano can create a lifelike hand painted portrait of your beloved animal.

All of his detailed pet paintings look as if they have been painted with a combination of oil painting and airbrush techniques.

These are NOT conversions of your photographs, they are all hand painted original art work. Each one created by the artist's hand, stroke by stroke, using a computer to achieve techniques that are just not possible by traditional methods. Unlike an Oil Painting or Pastel drawing, you can order more than one copy of your painting to give as gifts, and each print is considered an original piece of art, not a copy.
Crystal Pet Memorials - Pet Photo Keepsake

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Painted Petz ~ Painted Pet Portraits From Photos ~ by michael SPANO of CyberArt Studios
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